Ancient City Treasures

Author's Note:  After thirty plus world traveling years, the special feeling I have for St. Augustine has not diminished.  The excitement and fascination I felt walking her streets as a young boy is still in me, and I hope, in the books I've written with the Old Town as centerpiece.   In this book, I wanted to take the reader on a tour from my heart through the town's rich history and mystique.  The wonderful turn of the century drawings by E.A. Meyer very much capture the feel of the Old Town I wanted to share, and hopefully my humble poems do as well.   May the Ancient City spirit enter you as it has me.   Share the wonder!

"Ancient City Treasures" won the 2006 FPA President's Best Book Award, and the 2006 FPA President's Best Cover Award.

ISBN 978-0-9725796-5-0  
LCCN  2006905820 
$9.95  paperback glossy illustrated 117 pages

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