Murphy's Military Maneuvers, a pure blooded German Shorthaired Pointer, aka Murphy for short was born knowing the meaning of life: eat when food is presented; sleep with you are bored; play with your pet at every opportunity and mark every bush within sight.  To Murphy  rules were simply guidelines.  The only two he followed were: First,  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff  and Second,  Everything Is Small Stuff!

Smile, cry, laugh, understand.   I intended this book to be only for my sons and their families but was persuaded to share what one reader described as "an inspirational book of discovery for all who have shared life with their special pet" .  Murphy was and is my best friend.

"Just A Dog and the Musings of His Pet"

$11.95  paperback glossy no illustrations  150 pages
ISBN 978-0-972579-9-8    
LCCN   2010900313

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Just A Dog..Musings