Were You There?

"Everything in Randy Cribbs'  memory of Vietnam comes alive in his poetry: times of fear and love, moments of realization, the landscape and the soldiers.  Those of us who were there belong to an exclusive club, and these poems bring us back to the time when we were all sweating in the clubhouse.  Some of his verses recall images I had stored deep in the wells of memory, and feared.  But when they came out, they felt like olk friends."  Peter Guinta, US Marines , Vietnam 1967-1969  "Through this powerful and poignant memoir of a distant place and time.  I was able to revisit my own experience in  Vietnam and , through the poetry and illustrations, to gain a measure of understanding.  Those who were there will be glad they took this brief, insightful look back.   William N. Drake,Jr. Col. US Army  Vietnam 1970-1971 

"Were You There?"  Vietnam Notes

paperback glossy illustrated , 130 pages
ISBN 0-9725796-0-5  
LCCN 2002114651

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